jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Hey girl what your doing?

To understand that something took place i have to write it, i can't avoided,  i was born this way, so here is me opening today my emotion box, to talk a little about spiritual matters...things are finally happening, the changes looks like my own light that comes from my inside, although, i have to go as deep as i can , until i catch in my arms that person that i always wanted to be. beacause i want, with the rigth pure reasons.I was so tired to be standing at the coast, without swim, without listen in my heart the truth, the reality of the everlasting life race, but now, my competition starts again... im in the right track!!! if you are not sure, look how i live.. the time to go slow has ended, the signs are here, i will show that im not blind anymore...the road is the hardest, but reward is the biggest to, this is the opportunity to be brave to have courage and stand for what i believe.Can you see when the imagination has no limits? you will live there with me, in that promise world surrounded of blessings.i will say to myself everyday  "this world isn't for ever, it will pass, it will be erased."  don't you think so? lucy..Resplandece